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Social Media Marketing Services in Lucknow

Why your business can’t survive without social media marketing?

Social media is one such spot where everybody logs in. The idea of remotely staying connected and being technically equipped is the modern-day gizmo. We make use of that and convert it into a marketing model.

If you take the average time one spends on social media on a daily basis, you will be surprised by the results. Just like you, every other person is right there and as marketing wizards, we tap into their feed and feed them the relevant product advertisement.

End of the day, the goal is to maximize the visibility of the target product being advertised and the most recommended and successful method is social media marketing.


Initially what started as a social media platform is now marketing experts’ favorite tool. Facebook having nearly 2.9 billion people logged into its platform, serves as one of the best platforms for Social Media Marketing.

But as more crowd increases, more business it attracts. The competition gets really stiff. That is where Digifootprints come into the picture. With proper knowledge of algorithms and crowd reaction triggers, the marketing experts at Digifootprints will ensure that your product steals the thunder.


As far as visual marketing products are concerned the best place to host them or spread it would be Instagram. Instagram is the daily hangout place for most of the youth, i.e. the actual spending class.

Our Social Media Marketing Experts in Digifootprints articulate the methods of representation provided by Instagram and uses them to showcase the product to a  larger audience. Though the competition is high, we know to penetrate through the rough times to bring your product to the top.


It is regarded as the king of social media. Why? In 2022, it has managed to gain maximum visitors among all other social channels. That’s why you will find all types of brands on Instagram. Just like Facebook, you can create your brand page, and post content on it to drive engagement.


In a way, you can call LinkedIn as Facebook for Corporates and students. Though you wouldn’t find the typical ads here, they can be used very smartly to still push your brand and pull more clients.

Our Social Media Marketing Team here at Digifootprints, a social media company in Lucknow uses various strategies to push through this smart crowd of Gentlemen & Ladies to showcase your brand and product.

Though a typical direct sale cannot be made here, the strategies presented can pull clients to your doorstep. And, once they are there, you can easily pull off your estimates and beyond the sale.


Just like every brand needs to develop its brand identity the face of the brand that is “you” must build an identity too. This is where Twitter comes into the picture.

Starting from the Ministry Cabinet to everybody in Bollywood and & Hollywood has a Twitter Account. The Upside is that you get to stay connected to many and the downside, the crowd traffic pushes your profile behind if you are not well identified.

Our Twitter experts from Digifootprints here will analyze your profile and optimize it for you. Your profile becomes easily discoverable and your continuous presence in that crowd will fetch you more eyeballs and eyebrow lifts.


This platform allows users to tweet about their products/services. A brand can post official tweets about discounts, news, specials, and brand-building to gain engagement. Like every other social platform, Twitter works best with interaction. Always answer your customers’ questions to let them feel an important part of your brand.


Get a Detailed Assessment of your Social Media Profiles
along with Custom Strategies on how to take them to the next level.

A Walk Through The Basics

Social media has grown to be the most prominent and significant virtual area, where users may promote their brands and products using the platform for more than just social networking.

The strength of social media is remarkable since it allows you to reach a huge audience quickly after placing an advertisement, which lowers your costs and helps your adverts reach your target audience.

With about 59% of the world’s population using the internet, marketers must not pass up the opportunity to advertise on these digital forums where they may reach the greatest number of potential customers in comparison to print or television media marketing.


In 2022, there are several social media channels and each one of them has its importance in the market.

The question (which is the right channel for my brand) depends on a lot of factors like business core, target audience, etc.

Let’s take a look at the top four social media platforms used by the companies.


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